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1.The first class management team and experienced teachers

Members of the Yinghua International School management team are all from the Southern China. They have over 10 years of experience at running schools within the famous Cambridge International School system. They know, first hand, the advantages of combining the best of both the Chinese and western education systems by combining Cambridge School’s advanced teaching methods with China’s solid foundational knowledge to improve the students’ comprehensive academic performance and test results so they can get into the world’s most prestigious universities.

2.Reasonable curriculum and special courses for studying abroad

Our Educational planning team takes into account the special needs of Chinese students planning to study abroad. So, while a completely westernized teaching style may suit some uniquely gifted students, instead we have created a learning environment that gradually trains all of our students to excel in the western college system. Accordingly, we concentrate upon developing our student’s good living habits, independence, self-discipline, and excellent personal study. This holistic approach to education enables our students to develop as well motivated and mature applicants for overseas study. In developing such well-rounded young scholars our students graduate as capable Chinese “citizens of the world”, well prepared for the challenges of living and studying abroad.

3.Personalized education and sign the world's famous schools commitment with parents

The school implements stratified teaching and individual tutoring, so that every student can get full development on their original basis. In order to stimulate the motivation and target of students' learning, the school tailors a plan for each students' further study, and signs a commitment  with parents to enter world famous universities, so as to ensure that every student can enter their ideal universities.



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