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  • Mr. Yang Headmaster

    Mr. Yang is an international education expert who has assisted many students in successfully applying to some top 50 schools that have a place on theQSworld rankings list, including Oxford and Cambridge Universities in England, others in Canada and the United States and elsewhere. Mark has developedover ten years’ experience building and leading successful international high schools. Most notably Mark excelled as the dean’s assistant of the Shenzhen University Affiliated School (one of the most famous high schools in Shenzhen), in working as the Admissions Director of Cambridge College in Shenzhen, as the academic director of Shenzhen Ivy Education, and as the CEO of Yiteng International Education.

  • Zhu Yuan The chief adviser

    Mr. Zhu is a dean at the talent division of the University of Science and Technology of China, and most importantly, he was the president and founder of SCIE,the Shenzhen College of International Education. SCIE was the first school accredited to administer theCIE, Cambridge International Examination, and to teach accredited British educational programming here in China. Almost a half of the new student positions that Oxford and Cambridge offer every year to Chinese students go to SCIE’s graduates. Not surprisingly, the success of Mr. Shu’s program has led to SCIE becoming the most famous high school in China. As a result, Mr. Zhu now is a highly respected, and well known international educational expert all across China.
  • Peter Xian

  • Tim Thornton Native English Speaking ESL and IELTS Instructor

    English ESL, IELTS foreign teachers British nationality, graduated from Salford University. He came to Shanghai in 2004 and was an IELTS examiner. He is good at integrating ESL courses into IELTS evaluation system. He was teaching director of Oxford English centre in Beijing. With more than 20 years of teaching experience, he fully understands the difficulties of Chinese students. Under his guidance, many students get high scores in IELTS. He is a man who is passionate about education, full of humor and loves family life.

  • Nancy English IELTS, TOEFL teacher

    Graduated from University of Birmingham with a master's degree, with IELTS score of 8.0.2015 -- 2018, gold teacher of EIC Shool in Zhuhai, teaching courses:  TOEFL reading, TOEFL speaking, IELTS reading, IELTS speaking, IELTS writing, etc., numerous students have got high scores with her help. 2014-2015, as English teacher in the  international department of Zhuhai No. 2 middle school. Teaching courses: TOEFL reading, New Concept English, etc. She always pursues  excellence in teaching; She is always confident, optimistic and open-minded in life.

  • Doctor IELTS, accounting teacher

    The crown (Doctor) IELTS, accounting teacher Bachelor of accounting, University of Oster; master of finance and accounting, Queen's University of Belfast; IELTS score 8.0, IELTS speaking 8.5. He has 5 years of teaching experience. He used to be IELTS and accounting teacher in Guangzhou Yinghao International School and IELTS teaching supervisor in the Design School of Beijing Normal University, Zhuhai. Personality traits: smart and handsome, excellent eloquence, especially good at IELTS score guidance; Love basketball ( Ireland first level basketball coach), love art, love Chinese studies.


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