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Teachers wanted in the international school, starting April. 2022

Brief Introduction:

The affiliated Zhuhai Cambridge International School of HIT, Harbin Institute of Technology which is one of best universities in China, is located in the Development Harbor of New Economic Resources of HIT Group , It occupies a 160,000 square meters, and has invested 370,000,000 RMB. The campus has a gorgeous landscape and modern architecture, with extensive lawns and all cutting-edged education facilities by the ocean coast of the South China Sea. The address of the school is No.1 HIT Road, Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province.

Job Offers:

We are offering the GCSE and GCE A level Syllabus in our school. IGCSE and A level Teachers are wanted, including subjects as follows

1.       English Teachers :ESL and/or IELTS, and/or SAT

2.       MathPure Math and/or Applied Math( Statistics and Mechanics)

3.       Science Teachers: Chemistry, Physics and Biology

4.       Economics and/or Business

5.       Arts and/or Music


1.       Three years or above teaching relevant subjects above

2.       Relevant Bachelor or above Degree


1.       Salary: 120,000-300,000 a year depending on the experience and education………

2.       Housing Allowance

3.       Travel Allowance

4.       Medical Insurance

5.       Working visa Application if needed


Some more details about the jobs

Size of class: 15-25

Age of students: 14 to 17

Contents: British-pattern Education: IGCSE, and AS and A level, and others

Foreign Teachers will have Chinese partners working on the same subjects if needed



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Tel: 0756-3639989-806

Mobile (and wechat): 131 1231 6698


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